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                Let's Welcome The Spring Together——A Letter To All Teachers And Students


                Dear students and teachers,

                Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with president Xi Jinping as the core, all teachers and students of the school have joined hands to help each other, worked together to overcome the difficulties. While doing a good job of personal protection, teachers and students actively fought against the epidemic through artistic creation, donations, voluntary services, etc. They have built "air-class" online and wrote down the “epidemic” stories of STIET people in various parts of the country.

                In accordance with the spirit of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Ministry of Education, we will do a good job of education and teaching during the epidemic period to ensure the safety and health of everyone, and implement the requirements of " suspended class, ongoing learning”. Here are some tips for everyone:

                . Although the current epidemic situation is improving, teachers and students shall remain vigilant. Please continue to stay indoors and avoid gatherings. No one will be allowed to return to school until the epidemic is effectively controlled. The school will determine the time of returning to school according to the unified deployment of the municipal government, and inform everyone in advance.

                .From February 2, the school will conduct online teaching for the spring semester. All teachers are requested to prepare for online education and teaching according to the requirements. All work will be normalized during the epidemic. Full-time teachers must improve the online teaching work plans, optimize class hours and assessment works and so on to ensure the quality of online teaching. All students should take the online learning seriously, actively communicate with the teachers. Stay alert, , do not fall behind, and ensure the learning effect and quality.

                Teachers and students, the spring is coming quietly, and a bright tomorrow is waiting for us. Let's work together and wait for the appointment together!


                Shanghai Technical Institute of Electronics and Information

                Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control

                February 28, 2020