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                Notice of Postponing the Start Time of Spring Semester


                All faculty and staff:

                Following through the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and to effectively prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, related work will be notified in the near future. As follows:

                . According to the Notice of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Delaying the Resumption of Work of Enterprises and the Start of Schools, the school will start no earlier than February 17, and the specific start time will be notified separately.

                .The supplementary examination time which was set on February 13 and 14 has been postponed. The supplementary examinations for professional courses are arranged from Monday to Thursday in the first week of the school and will be organized by the secondary colleges; the supplementary examinations for basic courses are scheduled on the Friday afternoon of the first week of school and will be uniformly organized by the Academic Affairs Office. Specific time will be announced later.

                . Students of the graduating class who participated in the internship are not required to  return to school in the spring semester. If any internship is required to to work before February 17, he must report the situation to the counselor and professional instructor in a timely manner. Students need to take daily preventive and control measures.

                All the staff are expected to do the following:

                Actively learn about epidemic prevention and control ;

                Take precautionary measures, wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently;

                Do not attend parties or enter crowded places;

                Pay attention to the official epidemic report, improve the ability to discern information, and do not believe or spread rumors;

                Protect the health of yourself and your family;

                In case of fever or cough, please seek medical advice in time.

                Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the school's epidemic prevention and control work! We sincerely wish all the staff and your families good health! Together, we will overcome the difficulties and win the battle.


                Shanghai Technical Institute of Electronics and Information

                Shanghai Electronic Industry School

                Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control

                January 27, 2020